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Hand-lettering services are available for guest addresses, escort cards, and place cards. They are not available for RSVP envelopes or return addresses; we prefer to print those in a mixture of calligraphy & print (see envelope printing to purchase).

  • Calligraphy refers to script written with calligraphy nib & holder dipped in ink; the result is a more formal script with a variation in thickness; the ink appears raised on top of the envelope.

  • Monoline refers to script written with a felt-tip or ballpoint pen; it is much quicker than calligraphy and therefore provides a more economical hand-lettering option for guest addresses, escort cards, or place cards.

COLORS: Calligraphy & monoline are available in a wide array of colors (see color chart). You will be prompted to select a color upon adding this item to your cart.

  • For calligraphy - we recommend black, gold, silver, copper, or gray.
  • For monoline - we recommend black, gold, or gray.

When you purchase hand-lettering services, you will receive an emailed link with a spreadsheet template that should be used for submitting guest lists.

For address formatting and etiquette details, refer to the etiquette page.

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* For questions about paper color, paper thickness, postage, and customization, refer to our Wedding Collection FAQ.